Department of International Relations

The main aim of our department is to provide students with necessary knowledge and skills to analyze recent developments in terms of both inter-state relations and the international system in general. In order to do that, our competent academic staff delivers various different courses merging theoretical background with the ability to analyze current events at the international scene. Our main courses are comprised of theories of international relations, international politics and international law. Increasing complexity, interdependency and sophistication at world politics requires analysis to be made by taking an inter-disciplinary approach. Hence, our department also provides students with courses from other disciplines such as economics, law, business administration and political science. As a result, our graduates have the ability to implement their skills and knowledge in both public and private sectors. *Our department teaches 30% of the courses in English. It also provides students with the opportunity to have Minor and Double Degrees with any chosen faculty departments apart from the Department of Public Finance.

Strategic Plan 2015-2018 (PDF)