About Us

The International Relations Department was established in 1982 to provide students with training related to the field and to provide extensive opportunities for the graduates. In order to serve this goal, the Department of International Relations offers courses in economics and law related to the field as well as the main courses. It is believed that this diversity not only allows the graduates work for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, but also allows graduates to work in the external affairs departments of various private and public institutions. The Department of International Relations also prefers to work with both current and retired ambassadors in order to enable their students to learn and evaluate real world politics from experts.

Candidates wishing to have a degree in our department are required to complete a four-year program. There are two separate programs offering Turkish and English education. In English education,  the language of instruction is English and the preparatory education is given in the Gölbaşı Campus by  Foreign Language School of our university. Master's and Ph.D. programs are also organized in the "International Relations" and "Middle East and Africa" departments in cooperation with the International Relations Department under the Gazi University Institute of Social Sciences.